Proper operation begins with correct installation

Grundfos Standard and E Product Installation Recommendation

As a globalleader in advanced pump technology and equipment, Grundfos prides itself in the importance of assuring our dedicated clients on the correct installation and
operation of our E products, namely the  CRE/TPE/NKE/NBE/NKGE/NBGE/TPE/TPE3/Hydro Booster systems (Multi E/Multi
B/MPC/Solo E/CME/CMBE/ CUE drives/MAGNA 3 product range.


Kindly take note of the following site installation recommendations for Grundfos E products,

  • Roof top installations must have a cover over the pump / pump set as protection of
    the unit,
  • Anti-condensation heaters must be installed on motors, should the ambient temperature be above 40 deg C to prevent moisture build up inside the motor.
  • Hydro Booster units must be installed in a well ventilated room
  • Hydro Booster units installed outside without any cover for the unit or protection isnot recommended.
  • The Hydro MPC booster is not designed for outdoor installation and must not beexposed to direct sunlight.
  • The Booster units must have a 1 metre clearance in front and on the two side for inspection and dismantling.
  • Standard Grundfos products, if installed outside must also have a protection cover for the unit and Anti condensation heaters installed if the ambient temperature is above 40 deg C
  • Our product Installation and operation manuals are available on request, or from our webpage as list below. 
  • Our products meet with the industry standard of IP55 motors, however we stronglyrecommend protection by means of a roof cover over the motors.

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