WinCAPS 2012.04

WinCAPS 2012.04

What's new in WinCAPS 2012.04?

A lot of improvements have been implemented in the new edition of WinCAPS. You will find a list below divided in 2 main groups Software and data.


  • US submittal print
  • Evaluation criteria “Duty point specific” added to sizing
  • Evaluation criteria “Preference index” added to sizing
  • IO50 available in Renewable sizing
  • Sololift 2 support in sizing
  • Variable speed selection in Waste Water sizing Municipal enabled.
  • Allow variant configuration checkbox added in catalogue. By enabling / disabling it’s now possible to control if only products with P/N should be part of the result or ”On request” products should be available too.
  • Renewable problems with to high temperatures when defining custom solar panels are now corrected.
  • Removed Hz in renewable report
  • Renewable Borehole information in surface pump pdf is removed
  • 3 duty point sizing available for Waste Water pumps


New products:

  • Alpha2 (N)
  • CIM 110
  • Grundfos GO, Remote controls, MI 201, 201, 301
  • IO 50
  • Magna3 (N), Magna3 D
  • Multilift MDG, MOG
  • RCME, Rainwater pumping system
  • IO50
  • SE/SL 9-30 kW
  • VFI sensor

New product variants:

  • Multilift M, MSS, MD, MLD
  • OCD 162
  • SE/SE 9-30 kW, 60 Hz
  • Control MPC-EC
  • SL, Namreg. Cable length 15 m.

New Service:

  • Magna3 (N), Magna3 D
  • Multilift MDG, MOG