Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about WebCAPS.

Adjusting your pop-up blocker settings for WebCAPS.

WebCAPS has detected that you are using popup-blocking software.
Some functions in WebCAPS may not work with popup-blocking enabled.

Free-standing pop-up killers and built-in pop-up killers in e.g. Windows XP, Service pack 2, may influence WebCAPS.
In some cases, they can prevent WebCAPS from functioning or they can lead to undesired results.

To avoid this, always allow pop-ups in WebCAPS.

  • When WebCAPS is first started, a dialogue box will tell the user that something was blocked.
  • Click the toolbar below the title bar, and choose "Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site".

Note: If you select the option "Temporarily Allow Pop-ups", errors might still occur.

  • In the dialogue box now appearing, select "Yes" to allow pop-ups in WebCAPS.

If you have Google Toolbar installed in your Internet Explorer Browser and have activated its pop-up blocking feature, you may experience difficulties in using e.g. calculators in the Sizing part of WebCAPS.
To avoid this situation, you can allow pop-ups in WebCAPS while using the Google Toolbar:

  •  Launch WebCAPS
  • Once WebCAPS is loaded, click Ctrl+N to launch WebCAPS in a new Internet Explorer.
    Notice that the browsers address bar as well as the Google Toolbar is now visible.
  • Click on the Pop-up button in the Google Toolbar to allow pop-ups in WebCAPS.