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SES-195 Selcoperm
Safe and simple electrolytic production of hypochlorite solution for disinfection applications
SL 0.9-11 kW submersible wastewater pump
Drainage, effluent and sewage pumps
SMD, SMG, SFG mixers and flowmakers - homogenization - suspension
Grundfos mixers and flowmakers provide engergy efficient mixing. The drive unit is equipped with IE3 motor components, and combined with the large variety of gear steps, this enables Grundfos to provide a suitable mixer or flowmaker within the overall range.
SP submersible groundwater pump
Submersible pumps for irrigation, water supply, pressure boosting and dewatering.
SQFlex renewable energy solution – submersible pumping system
Grundfos' renewable energy solution – the SQFlex submersible pumping system
SRG submersible recirculation pump - wastewater - stormwater
Grundfos SRG recirculation pumps provide enegery-efficient pumping.
TP, TPE inline circulator pump - air-conditioning and heating
For air-conditioning and heating applications in commercial buildings
Unilift CC single-stage, submersible drainage pump - grey wastewater
Single-stage submersible drainage pump designed for pumping drain water and grey wastewater.