New CR Features


New CR Features


With world-class efficiency, flows up to 320 m3/h and 40 bar working pressure, the new CR is the perfect pump for engineers who like to move limits. These are the four key areas where we have improved the new CR:


*          Hydraulic efficiency

*          Optimal motor utilisation

*          Minimised pressure loss - lower NPSHr

*          New option for balancing out axial thrust


Hydraulic efficiency

The performance of the new CR has been optimised using fluid mechanics insights provided by extensive simulation-driven design and verification. The hydraulic design is based on an automated design loop which generated thousands of virtual prototypes. In the process, the
design of impeller blades, guide vanes, flow paths and passages were changed to reduce turbulence and energy/pressure losses – and the end result is a thoroughly optimised design that ensures world-class energy efficiency.

This animation provides a quick overview of hydraulic design improvements.

Our virtual simulation models have been validated by calculations and by physical prototype testing of components and complete pumps in the Grundfos test facilities.

Optimal motor utilisation

The standard product range has been optimised for maximum utilisation of the motor’s power output.

Minimised pressure loss

The optimised discharge port and minimised pressure loss of all hydraulic components improves hydraulic efficiency and overall pump performance. In applications with poor inlet conditions – such as water treatment and boiler feed applications –  the new CR’s low NPSHr (Net Positive Suction Head) allows for compact, space-saving system design.

Newaxial thrust balancing option

Centrifugal pumps generate axial thrust – and until now special motor bearings have been required to balance that trust. For the new CR, we have developed a new option – the Thrust Handling Device (THD) – which uses discharge pressure to counterbalance axial thrust. Requiring no special bearings, the THD allows for use of standard motors and improves motor service life. THD is available for new CR models from 75 kW and above.

See how the THD works:

THD long-term wear resistance has been thoroughly tested in accelerated worst-case conditions at our test facilities. THD components were tested for thousands of hours at 120°C in a predefined cycle with 20-40 bar discharge pressure. The test validated the robustness of the THD and key components exhibited low wear rates.



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