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Grundfos pumps ensure customer comfort within the hospitality industry
HINTERSEE, AUSTRIA: Grundfos offers complete solutions for hotels and B&Bs, ranging from large-scale systems for multi-storey complexes with hundreds of rooms to smaller applications catering for 10 or 20 guests.
Grundfos pumps get Saudi pumping station back on track
The water sector is one of the most vital for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Being a desert country with a large agricultural and industrial base and a growing population makes the handling of wastewater essential.
Grundfos pumps improve the quality of life in China
The new wastewater treatment plant in Deyang City has removed the city’s odour problems and reduced the pollution of the Rivers to a minimum. However, it took a Life Cycle Cost Calculation to convince the World Bank that the Grundfos solution was in fact the most economical investment
Grundfos pumps protect Southern Avenue, Kolkata, from flooding
KOLKATA, INDIA: Formerly known worldwide as Calcutta, the city was recently renamed Kolkata.
Grundfos pumps protect the Vistula River in Warsaw
WARSAW, POLAND: Poland’s capital is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. The city has been turned into one big construction and renovation site.
Grundfos solved our water supply issues in Penghu
Penghu is located in the Taiwan Strait between China and Taiwan in Asia. It is the only island county of Taiwan.
Grundfos solves problems with corrosion in cavern plant
The ARA Tobl is nothing short of a technological wonder. It is the first wastewater treatment plant to be built in a cavern and the only one of its kind in central Europe.
Grundfos SP Pump does the job and is reliable
Grundfos SP Pump does the job and is reliable
Grundfos supplies heavy-duty pumps to Taiwan water treatment plants
Heavy-duty pumps from Grundfos have helped improve performance at the Chengching Water Treatment Plant
Grundfos supplies responsible solution for Taiwanese water treatment
LAKE CHENGCHING, TAIWAN: Lake Chengching is one of the best known scenic spots in the Kaohsiung area, offering attractions such as the Lakeside Park, the Nine-Corner Bridge, and the Chunghsing Pagoda.