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Porsche meets Grundfos
WALS-SIEZENHEIM, AUSTRIA: Porsche, manufacturer of prestigious cars, chose a Grundfos solution for wastewater management when its existing service centre was greatly expanded.
Single-sourced pump and sensor technology for OEM customers
Single has been designing, producing and selling temperature control equipment for more than 40 years.
Water reuse turns wastewater into resource at surface treatment plant
Previously, Grundfos disposed of used rinse water in the CED surface treatment plant at one of its factories. Now, the company treats it and reuses it onsite, saving water for both the factory and the community.
Charmilles Geneva
Charmilles Geneva
Easy access to safe, affordable water changes lives in Ugandan villages
After decades of unsafe water, fishing villages by Uganda’s Lake Victoria are now getting safe and affordable water with Grundfos Lifelink water systems. Among all age groups in one village, diarrhoea cases have fallen by nearly half in just two years – and are well on their way to total eradication.
For brewing beer, only the best pumps are good enough
The 143-year-old brewery Brauerei Zipf is the leading beer brand In Austria. It has reached this dominant position on the basis of its reputation for consistency and due to its dynamic product development strategy.
Sensor improves the reliability of home booster
Grundfos Innovation Workshop is set up to take ideas from sales teams, where a market gap has been identified, and create a solution that the sales teams can exploit.
SINGLE Water Distribution system
Single is a manufacturer of heat-balancing technology, including surveillance controls and manifolds.