Testing the new CR

Tested to the limit

Based on a thoroughly tested, simulation-based design, the new Grundfos CR will once again move the limits for reliability in a wide range of pumping applications.  Every aspect of the new CR’s performance has been tested to the most exacting standards – both to and beyond the pump’s specified limits.

Browse the videos below to see the extent and nature of our individual tests.

Hydraulic performance test

Hydraulic performance was tested against simulations and calculations in three ways: stage test, bare-shaft test and complete pump test.  World-class efficiency
levels were confirmed.

High pressure test

We tested the ne CR’s pressure limit by welding inlet and outlet shut and applying pressure after the pump had been filled and vented.  Critical burst occurred at 4 x PN (120 bar).

Corrosion test

Long-term resistance to corrosive media was tested with the new CR pumping 20⁰ seawater (20.000 ppm chloride) at BEP for six months.  Performance was compared with reference pump.

Packaging test

The packaging test was based on the ISTA test standard and involved vibration testing, shock testing, compression testing an atmospheric testing.  All tests we documented and results approved.

Start/Stop test

Resistance to component stress was tested by running a new CT for xxxx hours at 20% of BEP with two starts per minute, including regular Q/H test and components evaluation.

THD test

The wear resistance of the CR’s new thrust relief component was tested by emulating worst-case operating conditions for up to 4000 hours.  Key components exhibited low wear rates   ( ≤0,0001 mm/h).

High Temperature test

Component stress and function at high temperature was tested by running a new CR continuously for 1500 hours with 125⁰ media and performing regular Q/H test and component evaluation.

Vibration test

Air-borne, fluid-borne and structure-borne sound levels were tested with Head&Body simulators, test rigs and in hmi-anechoic rooms.  The new CR’s consistently low vibration levels were confirmed by these tests.

Water hammer test

The long-term resistance to water hammer was tested over 20.000 cycles (6 cycles/min) with 60 bar pressure peaks.  After the test, we checked the Q/H and evaluated the condition of pump parts.

Tested to the limit

Every aspect of the new Grundfos CR’s performance has been tested to the most exacting standards – both to and beyond the pump’s specified limits.