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Grundfos the Presenting Partner of W12 Congress

Grundfos is proud to announce it will be the Presenting Partner of the W12 Congress, an International Conference and Expo that seeks to create the world’s first Major City Best Practice Water Protocol and strengthen the citizen-driven governance of alternative sustainable water solutions.

The Congress brings together city officials, academics, business executives, water experts, and students from major cities in the world that are likely to face water scarcity challenges in the next 24 – 36 months. Cape Town was the first major city in South Africa to face these significant water scarcity challenges, when water resources were almost completely depleted and taps almost ran dry.

The W12 conference will be held 29th to 31st January, 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa, in partnership with a two-day event held 27th and 28th January, 2020 at the University of the Western Cape, and aims to be the first of a global movement featuring the major work of city governments facing water crises.

This International Event will be held in Cape Town from the 29th – 31st January 2020 to brainstorm and share strategic actions to mitigate the water crisis. The recent drought, increasing population impactes economies, cities and enterprises across industries and communities negatively.  


Why is W12 Important?

By 2050 almost 2 billion people living in cities will suffer water shortages as demand for water increases by up to 70% (World Bank). Extremely high water stress can threaten national security. Solutions must be found and implemented now. The need to work together locally and internationally to ensure the future of our world’s water is evident.

This conference provides an opportunity for city officials, academics, citizens, and industry leaders to join keynote speakers Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rashad Shawa and Carlos Cosin among other experts, exchanging ideas and sharing solutions. The objective is to share insights on challenges, best practices and brainstorm practical solutions for water and climate resilience. We will achieve this not only from a city and industry point of view but down to where it really matters; citizen-driven actions.

The W12 Congress will include inspiring presentations to incite energy and engagement in the solutions discussed in this multiday event and a Major Cities Best Practice Water Protocol. Click Here to view the Programme


We are thrilled to announce Mads Nipper, CEO at Grundfos, as one of the keynote speakers.

Mads Nipper is the CEO of global water technology company Grundfos. He has held the position since 2014, joining from Lego, where he spent several years, including as member of the Management Board. Tasked with carrying the company’s longstanding values of social responsibility, pioneering spirit and sustainability into the 21st century, he has become a renowned voice in the public debate on climate change and how businesses can make a real difference.

Mads was recently named Denmark’s number one CEO super brand on social responsibility and speaks passionately about water as a precious resource. He is chairman of the Danish government’s climate partnership for production companies, where he will promote visionary solutions to realize Denmark’s ambitious target of reducing CO2 emissions by 70 percent by 2030.

A cornerstone in Mads Nipper’s thinking is that we must continue to combat climate change, while also facing the effects of climate change, which are current and severe. Climate adaptation, he says, is key to this end; the mission is to help solve cities’ water challenges – together with cities, civil society, partners and NGOs.

I am delighted to be able to contribute to such an important event. We must continue to reduce CO2 emissions to mitigate climate change, but the immediate threat to water-stressed cities
shows the effects of climate change are already felt and are often water-related. We must adapt fast, and W12 is a strong forum to outline plansfor further action based on our combined knowledge and expertise, says Mads Nipper.

In partnership with UNESCO, the W12 Congress will form an integral part of a Netflix Documentary entitled “Water Wise: How Not to Drain a Country”.

W12 congress

W12 Congress

Grundfos is supporting the W12 congress to help W12 and its member cities put water on the agenda. We aim to use our close partnership with W12 to put our decades of experience in water management to use, helping secure a sustainable and resilient water future for all global citizens.



Our planet’s water challenges are significant. But many of us believe water is not ‘our’ problem. Some believe only developing countries have water challenges, while others take our water for granted. We tend to believe that water droughts, quality issues and extreme flooding are things that only happen to others – not u

Because after all, it’s not just water. It’s OUR water.


Making a Difference

Grundfos puts a focus on helping with the world’s water challenges. We aim to bring water to the world. Through local projects we uplift communities, assist in the the water crisis South Africa is facing and pioneering sustainable solutions.