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The Grundfos Energy Check is an onsite expection providing you with high performing and energy efficient solutions in three easy steps:

1. Onsite inspection
Schedule a walk-through of your pump installation (pump type, age, condition, flow,
head, power usage, environment)

2. Energy check report
Receive an Energy Check Report detailing your current installation, potential upgrades, savings and pay back time

3. Realize your savings
The Energy Check gives you a better understanding of your hidden costs. Most customers experience energy saving potentials of 50% and reductions in CO2 emission to 30%. You will also reduce your pump repair cost significantly going forward

The benefits of a Grundfos Energy Check?

Most pumps are oversized and run at full speed - all the time. This results in higher energy costs.

With an Energy Check we give you a better understanding of your pump installation and the potential for savings. The result is a comprehensive report with the information you need to decide on the option that is right for your business.

Most customers experience potential energy savings up to 50%

Save today

Case story: Dubai buildings unlock up to 80% energy savings with simple pump swaps

Sometimes it takes something as simple and concrete as unhappy tenants to connect the dots between how to fix one’s own building and your government’s goals for improving buildings’ energy use. Green Tower’s new HVAC pumps are using 57% less electricity for keeping the office building cool than previously after the building retrofit.


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