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Grundfos actively participates in sustainability initiatives at all levels, from our employees walking for water, to create awareness about the water crisis in developing nations, to our senior leaders creating and advocating sustainable mindsets. We believe that the key to engagement for sustainability is to get engaged and to stay engaged, both as people and as a company, wherever we are in the world. This is a long term commitment that we must choose to make, in our everyday lives.

Argentina: Donation drives for needy families
Argentina Initiatives

Argentina: Donation drives for needy families

Our colleagues in Grundfos Argentina partnered up with Hogar María de la Esperanza, an establishment that gives shelter to children and teenagers in situations of social risk. They also help to provide for the basic needs of these children, in terms of meals, hygiene, education and family support. Grundfos and its customers worked together to do good, where customers donated non-perishable food items while Grundfos donated meals for consumption on a weekly basis. On top of that, they also donated useful electrical appliances, such as freezers and washing machines to the home. During the festive period, colleagues brought out their spirit of giving, by preparing special ‘Christmas boxes’ for 10 families in vulnerable situations. The boxes contained gifts, decorations, food and personalized letters. Staying true to having water at its core, they also helped two local aboriginal communities in Northern Argentina to have access to water. Thanks to these projects, more than 100 over people now have a drinkable water supply.

Hungary: Earth Month and Summer camp
Grundfos Hungary Earth Month

Hungary: Earth Month

Grundfos Hungary held its first Earth Month in 2017, a new initiative planned in the month between World Water Day and Earth Day. To celebrate each week of Earth Month, an assortment of activities were planned, with the focal of giving back to the community.During the month, they headed down to the Tatabánya Industry Park and collected over 2000 Kg of illegal waste, donated used safety shoes to local homelessness organisations, collected PET bottle caps for the School of Blind and planted trees to symbolize Grundfos employees’ commitment to sustainability. They also brought their message of environmental sustainability to Hungarian kindergartens, where they taught children about the water circle and how to save water through fun games and guided the children through planting their own beans.On top of that, the spotlight within the company was placed on electronic waste. In order to educate colleagues on the topic of electrical and electronic waste, the company
also organized an Employee Waste Collection Week. During the week, employees were asked to bring in their old and unused electrical appliances. All collected electronic waste was then sent for recycling accordingly.

Grundfos Hungary Summer Camp

Hungary: Summer Camp

During the summer, Hungarian children are given 10 weeks of school holidays. Meanwhile, the company provides employees with 2 weeks of uninterrupted summer holidays per year. As a result, parents are unsure of what their children should do during the remaining 8 weeks and who to spend it with, since they won’t have school. In order to spend more time with their children, some parents decided to use their sick leave to stay home.To advocate a balanced work-life, the company organised a three-week long thematic summer camp for 128 kids – both children of employees and orphans from a local orphanage. The weeks were filled with different daily programmes and brought children from different backgrounds together. Friendships were formed and fun memories shared. At the end, the children were given small gifts and a ‘diploma’ for completing the camp. Through this initiative, the number of parents taking sick leave also decreased.

India: Project Thozhi
Project Thozhi

India: Project Thozhi

Thozhi translates to friend in Tamil. For the past few years, Thozhi has been one of the signature community involvement programmes in Grundfos India. Thozhi aims to be a friend to people with disabilities and help them to integrate into the working world. They have been collaborating with Ability Foundation, to provide preparatory training to people with disabilities, for future employment. After the training, the foundation then connects these participants with relevant hiring opportunities.Since August 2016, they also began working with V-Excel Educational Trust, a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to educating and empowering people with special needs. Together, they started an initiative to train its students to operate factory equipment in a safe manner and produce sanitary napkins. To facilitate this training, Grundfos India provided funds for new factory equipment and facilities restructuring. Besides distributing the sanitary napkins in a local government girls’ school, a sales kiosk was set up in the Grundfos India reception to avail the product for purchase. They also provided full-time work opportunities to some of the disabled students, at our factories.

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Vietnam: Project Heart to Heart
Vietnam Project Heart 2 Heart

Vietnam: Project Heart to Heart

Our colleagues at Vietnam have been collaborating with Thien Phuoc Disabled Children Center for the past 3 years. The centre is a non profit residential centre that cares for 70 disabled children and orphans, who suffer from epilepsy, cerebal palsy or down syndrome. Besides meeting their healthcare needs, they also provide rehabilitation and education for these children.The centre has always faced challenges in accessing water, as it relied on utilizing manual labour to retrieve water from a nearby well. Hence, Grundfos Vietnam decided to help them in their area of expertise, by providing and installing a water pump system in the centre. Colleagues also took a day off from work to organize an activity-filled day at the centre and bring joy to the children, along with food item donations for them.

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