Global engagement

Engagement for sustainability

From our employees walking for water to create awareness to our senior leaders creating sustainable mindsets. We believe that the key to engagement for sustainability is to get engaged and to stay engaged, both as people and as a company, wherever we are in the world.  

Why doesn't the world have a sustainable water management policy?

"We agree that water is critical to life and to civilization. But why doesn't the world have a sustainable water management policy?" Our Asia-Pacific managing director Okay Barutcu explains why water and energy is an inseparable pair and why the world has to find sustainable solutions for our precious source at TEDxNTU, Singapore.

(Photo & video by TEDx and TEDxNTU)

Sustainability Hungary

Run for forest in Turkey

To support reforestation in Turkey, our employees and their families ran for 10 km at Eurasia Marathon in November 2017 and donated the prize to TEMA Foundation, an environmental and conservation NGO.