Service and Solutions workshop hosted in Cape Town, South Africa for hotel and facilities managers


Service and Solutions workshop hosted in Cape Town, South Africa for hotel and facilities managers

On 3 December, Grundfos SSA (Sub-Sahara Africa), Service and Solutions team hosted a Hotel and Facilities Management conference at the One & Only Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.

The conference aimed to introduce the Grundfos Service and Solutions portfolios, with the focus on Service level agreements and energy optimisation that can benefit not only the comfort of guests in a hotel or resorts but every person in a commercial building.

The day started with a in depth discussion on Grundfos Service and Solutions offerings by Dr Rishaad Ebrahim Director of Service SSA, followed by real life pains and successes from distributors and end-users - Director of Engineering from the One & Only Hotel shared with the group their daily pains and experiences with the existing out-dated pump systems, currently running in the 5 Star hotel, and has agreed to meet with Grundfos experts to discuss either updating or replacing the complete system.Johnny Walker from JW Plumbing, based in Cape Town, showcased a successful installation for one of the largest property investments holding companies in South Africa, pointing out the return on investment and life cycle cost saving using a Grundfos pump system connected to our GRM (Grundfos Remote Management) system.

A live demonstration was given by our Nepo Makgeretse, to help the delegates truly understand the benefits.Grundfos’ Service Manager Rika Gouvea explained how Grundfos SSA, select and audit service partners where PF Coetzee from Ecowize had the opportunity to confirm the collaboration and experience of being a Grundfos Authorised Service Partner. Grundfos APREG Regional Energy Optimization Manager – Huw Lloyd, discussed the benefits of a “Health Check” meaning a Grundfos technician notes to the facility manager any problems noticed in the pump room and not only just the pump system alone offering a full turn key solution. He led with energy optimization as the key focus and compared Grundfos with the famous “James Bond “character, how he too evolved over the years with new innovative gadgets.

Grundfos prides itself with continuous innovation and so we pioneer solutions for the world’s water and climate challenges and to improve quality of life for people.  The day ended successfully, with numerous appointments being set up and promising leads.