Grundfos Open Day


Grundfos Open Day

The purpose of the open day at Grundfos is to have a function at Grundfos where we can invite customers (Existing or potential customer and of course Consultants) as well as our customers customers, to our company and show off our company and products. It is an opportunity to display products and concepts we would not normally have at a show due to the size and weight of some of our products.

The day will be an event similar to any pump or industry type show that is available today the only difference is that it is at our premises and the people that come and attend want to know about our products and what we have to offer.  The day will be of the same format where you visit different stands, meet and speak to people on the stand, view their products and also more importantly attend product presentations during the day which this year we are encouraging experts from Europe or elsewhere to lend us a hand and do the presentations for us.  This will not only be of great value to the day but to our staff as well to use as a learning opportunity.

Below you will find which team you belong to and even if you are not sales and have suddenly thought “what can I do at a product “show” or how am I going to speak to customers?” Don’t fret over this because this is why we have sales people in our company and this is what their function will be on the day, selling whilst the segment managers will be doing the presentations along with the experts.  
“So where do you fit into all this?”
As you will notice all segments of our business are represented in each team being sales, admin, stores, workshop and management.  We all play an important part in this business and so shall it be for this event as well. Everyone will have the opportunity on the day to attend and mix with the customers as well, giving you the chance to put a face to a voice that you might have spoken to in the past but never met.

Each team leader will be given clear guidelines and budgets (yes a budget of R6000.00 per team to stick to) and what they are expected to put together on the day. It is then up to them to pass the information on to you and drive the process forward.  Each team leader will manage their own team and call meetings.  They will also submit customer list with e-mail addresses of your agreed group of customers you wish to invite to this event to the marketing department so that all customer communication is managed from one route.  We encourage you get your customers to invite their customers because after all these are the people that buy from them and ultimately ourselves.

In brief each team is expected to have a stand put together professionally, identify the products they need for the show, literature, layout etc.  Each segment will be allocated an area in front of the academy under the carports and the sizes will be the same for each segment.
Stands will be judged by the management team and prizes will be awarded so be creative and of course keep it a secret you don’t want to give too much away.
It must however be noted that your final layout and proposal must be run passed the marketing department to make sure it is within the Grundfos standards because after all we need to have it professional and get the message across to the customers that will be attending  (all info will be kept confidential by this department for this purpose until the reveal).  
We are here to help you so don’t be afraid to ask, this is what we do all the time so we can help you and will do so gladly.  All expenses are to be placed through the marketing department to follow the procedures of the company in terms of purchasing items from suppliers and the paper process is in order.  Remember keeping within budget is one of the factors taken into consideration during voting process.
Remember all marketing material is available for all you use but it is important to reserve this in time for your stall and will be based on a first come first served basis. The list will be published shortly for all to reserve item for this purpose once you have had your first meeting with your team to decide on the layout and requirements of your part of the show.
Each team will be allowed to bring in one demo unit if they wish to but is not compulsory, from the exhibition department in Denmark and this must be ordered asap as they take up to 6-8 weeks to get here so deadline for these items is 18 June 2011 or sooner if you know beforehand what you need (see attached list) (this does not come out of your budget).
This will have to be something that is well thought out and planned quickly as well as kept within your given budget and all the customers that you would want to invite must be invited well in advance to make this event successful.
There will be food and refreshments (Beer and Spit) on the day (Friday in the sun under umbrellas – you get the picture?) with some music – just like a show at Nasrec – only this is our show - a Grundfos show.

The purpose of the event is :-
To show products that we normally don’t or are unable to show at exhibitions
To show that we are not just a SP and CR company
To show off what we have like our new test bay and academy
To create interest with people that want to see pump solutions with everything else
To make contact with key people in different companies on our turf
To grow our customer base network
To build brand awareness
To promote product awareness
To promote who we are and what we stand for
To identify new opportunities
To have a memorable event that get customers talking


If you are not in it you can’t win it …..BUSINESS
It forms part of our U S strategy providing service to customers
It is a good team event where every single one has an opportunity to have a voice and their input is valuable as long as it is within the guidelines given even if you are situated in Cape Town or one of the Africa offices.
It is an opportunity to create business with people that may not have bought from us because they did not know about a product or service we offer.
You need to ensure that we invite everybody, we want a roaring success and a bigger event than in 2009.

It won’t be YELLOW jackets this time something else will be used to identify you as a GRUNDFOS employee on the day.