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Grundfos introduces policy on Corporate Social Responsibility
“The company’s obligations towards the surrounding society reach above and beyond what has been general legislation and taxes”.
Nies Due Jensen retires from his position as CEO and Group President 1 ...
Grundfos’ CEO and Group President, Niels Due Jensen, will turn 60 in the spring of 2003 and as a consequence of that he has decided to retire from his position.
Grundfos environmental efforts pay off
Grundfos is a company with a clearly stated vision and strong fundamental values.
Grundfos contributes to cleaning diesel gas
By entering this co-operation Grundfos is moving into a completely new market.
Grundfos Prize for young Danish scientist
Danish scientist Professor Deng Ole Sigmund, has today been awarded the DKK1m Grundfos Prize 2002 for his groundbreaking research in the form and topology optimisation of mechanical systems.
Grundfos supplier award 2001
For the third time a company has received the Grundfos Group Supplier Award.
Grundfos enters the market for mixers and flowmakers
On 1 May 2002, the Grundfos group took over the activities of the Swiss company Arnold AG, specialists in submersible mixers, flowmakers and recirculation pumps, which is based in Schachen in the canton of Lucerne, 70 km from Zurich.
The annual result for the Grundfos Group 2001
The growth of turnover in the Grundfos Group in the year of 2001 reached 7.3% - from DKK 9.522 billion in 2000 to DKK 10.214 billion.
Cost savings in the Grundfos group
At the end of the first quarter of this year it is with regret that Group Management finds that the uncertainty in the market growth, which also characterized the last quarter of 2001, still exists.
Grundfos takes over South Korean pump manufacturer
As from Jan. 1, 2002, the Grundfos pump manufacturing Group took over 60% of the shares in South Korean pump manufacturing company Chung Suk.