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1OFFICE Proj​ect Objective and Scope

The objective of the project is to increase customer satisfaction by being able to handle more incoming customer phone calls and processing more customer RFQ's into quotations.

This will be achieve essentially by implementing three elements:

1. A CRM template handling incoming RFQ's and coordinating resources and competencies.

2. Integration between CRM and phone system

3. Reorganising supporting the RFQ process by establishing Front and Back Office as well as Resource Planning Coordinators.​

Whyareweintroducitn 1office


1OFFICE a new internal sales setup, designed to improve customer support and defend Grundfos’ high customer loyalty. Tapping right into the Grundfos 2020 strategy of having a customer centric and collaborative culture, 1OFFICE has three very clear customer objectives:

Easier access, faster response and higher quality.

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How will 1OFFICE benefit me?


We have compiled and easy overview on how 1OFFICE can benefit both our customers and sales staff. 

Salesman's view on quotations Before 1Office


Salesman's view on quotations After 1Office

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