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Cold air for fresh bananas
The transportation of delicate goods from one part of the world to another in harsh environments demands care and reliability. Grundfos motors help fulfil both requirements.
Careful selection ensures satisfaction
Belgian wholesaler Van Marcke and Grundfos have joined forces to make sure that installers and end-users get the very best pumps for the job at hand.
China craves intelligent water solutions
Danish minister for the environment inaugurated a Grundfos prefabricated pumping station in the Chinese city of Tianjin. Our technology can play a major role, as China invests a billion Danish kroner a day in water solutions.
Continuous growth at Grundfos
The pump group Grundfos has a positive sales growth, but exchange rates and strain on the contribution ratio drags down the result. A revised group strategy will create additional growth and higher profit.
British Superior Seals is Supplier of the Year
O-rings and seals from Superior Seals make sure that pumps from Grundfos stay water-proof. The British company has just been elected Supplier of the Year 2013 for their high quality products and for thinking innovation and development together with Grundfos.
Denmark’s biggest hospital focuses on sustainability
Sustainability, comfort and energy consumption are in focus at the biggest hospital building ever constructed in Denmark. On the outskirts of Aarhus, Grundfos is playing a vital role helping the New University Hospital reach its environmental goals.
Giant in Global Water Management Wins 2014 Stockholm Water Prize
Professor John Briscoe, a native of South Africa, is named the 2014 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate for his unparalleled contributions to global and local water management, inspired by an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of people on the ground.
New project extracts phosphorus from waste water
Grundfos is partner in a development project, which, in time, can lead to recycling of the scarce and essential resource, phosphorus.
Celebrating a milestone where it all began
40 years of operations in the US is being celebrated across the North American country. Also in Fresno, California, the birthplace of Grundfos’ American business.
Relentless Presistence Wins Clients
At the Hendrina power station in South Africa, a new dosing skid was needed for dosing ammonia (NH3) into the water for the cooling towers. ACI Technical Services, one of the leading distributors of analytical instrumentation in South Africa, was in charge of supplying the new dosing skid.